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Ceramic Glaze Recipes

Welcome to the Ceramic Glaze Recipes app. I developed this app, while working toward my MA in Computers And Educational Technology, as I was looking to produce an educational app that could be used by educators, students and artists that have a working knowledge of ceramic glazes and high fire kilns. This app contains six Cone: 10 recipes.

This app has also been designed to be a mobile glaze recipe app that will allow ceramic artists to enter their own recipes to have a selection available within their device. Imagine having access to your favorite glaze recipes while visiting another artists studio, taking a class, and with this app you can add additional recipes on the go.

To use this portion of the app simply click on the Add A Recipe button, enter a new recipe in a format you prefer (this app allows for multiple lines of text to be used), then press the submit button to enter the data. To view your entered recipes, click on the Select A Recipe button and choose from the list shown.

Keep adding to your recipe list, or erase and start over as your recipes change.

Enjoy using the Ceramic Glaze Recipes app!


Designed for 7-Inch Tablets




Adding Your Own Recipes Six Recipes
Taking Your Recipes With You Tested

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