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Color Tab

This is the second version 2.1 of the Color Tab app.

This app contains information on how to use this new method of tab as well as a user interface, which allows for guitar players the ability to compose while away from the studio. There are composing areas for both a classical six string guitar, and a four string or bass guitar.

Music instructors and students may find this app useful to learn about tab as well as for class instruction in assisting students with composing their own music.

What is Color Tab?

As a guitarist, I wanted to have a way to compose music for the guitar by using tab, but needed a way to include duration for notes. My method uses colors to determine what duration to play each note, which as a guitarist I find helpful during the composing process.

Visit the ColorTabApp.com website for more information.


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 Information On Tab Compose Music For 6-String And 4-String Guitars
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