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Fashion Trends Of The Past

Welcome to the first version of Fashion Trends Of The Past. 

This app was developed to be useful for a quick reference for what was in fashion in the past and worn by both females and males in the USA.

It includes a minimum of ten fashion trends for each decade listed below.

1900-1910 | 1910-1920 | 1920-1930 | 1930-1940 

1940-1950 | 1950-1960 | 1960-1970 | 1970-1980


While there are many fashion trends, I have selected those that define what was the most popular at the time.

This app is a good reference for those who work in the entertainment industry, especially for those who are background artists, as well as those looking to assemble a costume, for educational purposes, and more.

Enjoy using Fashion Trends Of The Past!


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Easy To Use Minimum Of Ten For Each Decade Listed
Fashion Trends For Females And Males Good Reference For Entertainment Industry, Educational Purposes, And More

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